New power supply unit from HIMA

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH presents the new PS 1000 WR 011 power supply unit.

One power supply unit for all mains voltages

The new device of the PS 1000 series replaces the previous 24 VDC power supply units and, with its wide-range AC input, offers a solution for all typical mains voltages worldwide in just one variant.

Further benefits:

  • Easy installation and commissioning thanks to plug-in technolog
  • Robust design, even for harsh environments
  • Independence from cabinet ventilation thanks to its own fan
  • Suitable even for use in the potentially explosive atmospheres up to Ex Zone 2
  • Full compatibility with existing PS 1000, 24 VDC
  • 40 A continuous output current, up to 60 A for a short time
  • Safe limit to max. 30 VDC output voltage, even in the event of a fault
  • Easy connection in parallel through integrated decoupling circuit

The PS 1000 WR 011 is very easy to install in the proven plug-in housing M3421, and therefore ready to operate in few minutes. Fast replacement in case of servicing is ensured as well. A potential-free signaling contact makes sure notification and easy forwarding of faults, e.g., excessively low input voltage or short-circuits.

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